Hist 697: Backing away…

I have hit the point when perfectionism becomes counter-productive and so am declaring my final project done.

The design has been modified from the earlier draft. I replaced the border with a drop shadow and gave the header image a thorough re-thinking. The structure of the site is largely the same, but I added an Omeka install to preview the document viewing, the search functions, and the browsing options. After researching CMS options, it seems that the best option for both the management of the documents and the blogging/forum functions of the site is to do a combination of WordPress and Omeka. This, however, would result in a complicated site to maintain and some of the desired functions may need to be rethought. The project for the summer is working with Richard to import all of the documents into the database and to move the site onto his servers.

My final project is available at www.jeriwieringa.com/projectcanterbury.