Moving to Middleman

Things are a-changing here at While I have been a WordPress user for many years, it is time for a change. As I learn more about the web and about creating sites for long-term management, I have become convinced that simple is a virtue on the web. And database-driven sites are complex.

Instead, the site you see here is a collection of markdown files, created into a blog-type format using the magic of Ruby. With no database to be hacked and all of the text information localized to the individual post files, written in markdown, there are fewer opportunities for data-loss and greater possibilities for migrating in the future. And with version control provided by Git, the whole enterprise is much more secure.

While there are many website generating engines out there, I’ve chosen to work with Middleman. One of the newer players out there, it provides the structure for creating websites and blogs with built integration for tools such as Compass and Susy, among many others. I’ll write a post about setting up a site with Middleman once I figure out what to keep from my trial and error process of learning.

The downside of this transition is that all my URLs have changed. But, think of it as an excuse to explore!