Hist 697: And done!


Well, that took awhile. But my image assignment is up and feedback is welcome and appreciated as always! The trouble with these images is that it takes so long (or is impossible, really) to fix anything without starting over. Ah well! Can just attempt to make it better the next time.

There is not much to say that I didn’t include the narrative on my page. So please refer there for a brief description of where and how I altered the images.

And so I fear it will be a short blog post this week.

My conclusions from the image assignment: Photoshop is not as bad as I thought. But it is not an easy tool to work with and one can spend all of ones time in the program attempting to make things “just right”. However, that is a critique more of the user than the tool and I am glad to have gained an ability to manipulate images so that they better communicate the desired information.

Addendum**: **I commented on Claire’s blog post.