The perils of digitization

This semester I decided to put my career plan of digital history into action, taking on a semester project to digitize a decade of the Banner. The project was to both give me experience in the process of digitization, the different tools, methodologies and practices that exist, and to do some research into my own denomination.

This really was a terrible idea.

I mean, it isn’t really terrible. I am learning a lot and slowly am making progress.

The good news is I am learning about a lot of open-source, creative solutions to digitization. Because Yale, for all its money and prestige, is probably the least friendly place to be taking on this project. Just a reminder that prestige does not equate to best resources, particularly if one is trying to do something “new.”

Sorry, venting. Anyway, I will digitize these Banners, if it kills me.

Current attempt: build your own scanner with a digital camera and process the images with Linux-based software. It may not be “professional,” but it will be functional.

Images to follow. If this works, I will post on how you too can digitize on a minimal budget!